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30 Days of Character Development - Day Two

2) What are your character's most prominent physical features?

If you didn't read the last post, I'm going to be using my OC Markus 'Eden' McIlroy. 

In terms of physical features...

He inherited his father's bright red hair and his mother's cerulean eyes, if that's anything. Of course, though, since he was raised by his mother and her side of the family, he felt a little left out since almost everyone else had blond or dark coloured hair. He's also taller than his mother, but shorter than his father.

30 Days of Character Development - Day One

1.) Describe your character's relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

The character I chose to further develop, or at least get a better understanding of, is my half Scottish, half American character, Markus 'Eden' McIlroy.

So, Mark's parents were good friends, who, one day, got intoxicated and, well, procreated. Since his mom was just hanging out in Europe for a quick vacation, she soon had to go back home to America to continue her schooling.

Of course, one day, she found out she was pregnant, but she couldn't bring herself to even think about having it aborted. So, she went through the notions of pregnancy, with her twin brother and his spouse there for support.

And, thus, Mark was born. Ta da.

Anyway, onto the prompt. As stated, Markus' mom had gone back to America after that whole incident. During this time, she didn't want to burden his father with the knowledge that she was with child, especially since they live in different countries, so she didn't tell him about Markus as he was growing up.

As such, Markus did not really have a relationship with his father until he found him when he was 20. Although, when he was a kid, he always asked about his father, wondering where he was and if he loved them. Of course, his mother just kept her answers vague, saying that he was a good man, so on and so forth. Because he was always so curious about his father, he set out to look for him once his mother caved in and said that he lived in Scotland. His father actually took the fact that he had a child quite well. He was surprised, of course, and he felt bad for all of the things that he had missed in his son's life, but now, they are trying hard to build up a strong relationship, and as such, Mark visits his father every chance he gets.

If it wasn't obvious, Mark was a mama's boy. She loved him unconditionally, and she tried very hard to spoil him as much as she could with what little money they had. They still have a really good relationship, and they always go out to eat at new restaurants. His cousins often teased him about hanging around his mom so much, but he never cared. He was happy to be with his mother whenever he could. Right now, like how any other child would, he's trying to get his mother and father back together so that they could have their own family.

As previously stated, his mom's twin brother had supported his mother as much as he could during the pregnancy. As such, he also acted as a father figure to Markus. He was Mark's disciplinarian, and often scolded him and his mother when he was being too out of control. He didn't want Markus to feel like he had no father, so, he had pretty much adopted him into his own family, even referring to his own children as Markus' younger siblings. In truth, he did not, and still doesn't, like Mark's biological father all that much, but that was just him being a protective older brother to his sister (by like, 12 seconds).

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Eleven)

Prompt: Prepared

"And this," Duo made an extravagant gesture with his hands, showing the deserted, polluted island off, "is why I prefer space."

Quatre giggled, watching with mild amusement as the brunet raged around the shore, kicking the water and yelling and practically pulling out his hair with frustration. "-- I mean, we've survived getting shot at, we've survived an exploding spacecraft... You'd think that we'd never have to face stupid shit like this!"

The blond simply smiled, pulling his goggles down from atop his head to around his neck. "Well, you know what they say... The more you learn, the easier it is to forget the basics."

The Deathscythe pilot gaped. "Who the fuck says that?!"

"I do," Quatre laughed, patting down the space beside him, "now, come, Duo. I've contacted Trowa and Wu Fei. They should be here soon to give us some fuel." He blinked. "Or energy. Whatever our Gundams run on." He laughed loudly. "I think the heat's getting to me."

"How can you be so chill?" Duo huffed, but sat down beside his friend, anyway. "I mean, we're gonna miss that party thing! Think about the free food!" With that, his stomach growled.

Quatre laughed. "Lucky for you, Duo," he said, taking out two candy bars, "I'm usually very prepared." 

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Ten)

Prompt: Silver

Sometimes, when Gary isn't busy, he likes to think back to the days when he was a trainer. He likes to remember the thrill of catching yet another Pokemon and training it to the best to his abilities. The feeling of accomplishment, the friends he had... Sometimes, he wonders why he just didn't pursue that dream instead of becoming a professor, like his grandpa.

Being a professor was stupidly hard. Yes, he got to work with Pokemon of different kinds everyday, but it just wasn't the same. He was struggling everyday to meet his deadlines for reports so that he could send them off to all of the other professors... Elm, Rowan, Ivy... They were all counting on his research, just like how he depended on theirs.

It was a system, really. They'd all wait for the other to progress a little bit before they, too, could step forward and do more research.

But, it was times like these, when he's nursing to health a baby Lugia who had lost its way, that he knows that he made the right decision. He smiles.

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Nine)

Prompt: Move

"Move over, bromeo."

Alfred didn't even wait for Matthew to oblige before he rolled the other over to the other side of the bed as he slid under the covers. This, of course, made the young Canadian groan. Here he was, sleeping peacefully, having a wonderful dream that included a mountain of delicious, fluffy pancakes, and then his idiot older brother wakes him up just so that they could sleep in the same bed.

"Alfred," Matthew hissed as his brother accidentally kicked him in the shin, "Alfred, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Why?" Alfred grinned. "Can't a hero come by to visit his favourite damsel in distress slash adorable baby brother?"

Knowing that he was not going to be getting a proper answer from him, the Canadian rolled his eyes and turned around, his back facing the American.

And that was when the thunder roared.

The younger brother snickered. "You know, if you were afraid of the thunder, you could've just told me."

"Not scared," Matthew could practically hear the pout in Alfred's voice, "Just worried that you were."

Matthew laughed, but allowed it to slide. 

His big brother was so cute sometimes.

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Eight)

Prompt: Companion

A little boy's sobs could be heard for any one who cared. It was midnight, and really, no one should be awake.

Which is precisely why Ninetales was so upset.

Here was the young master Tony, weeping and longing for the attention that he never got from his father. Ninetales never really got attention from Howard, either, but Tony was still a boy, and a boy needed his father.

The fox Pokemon frowned as it trotted down the dark hallway, following the broken noises from the young master, and slowly opening the door to his bedroom. It poked its face in through the small crack it made, quietly asking Tony for permission to come in.

"N-Ninetales...?" The boy quickly wiped his face with the back of his hand as he approached the Pokemon. "Ninetales... Wh-what're you doing here so late...?"

Said Pokemon heaved a sigh and rested its head atop the human's, cooing softly as it felt small arms wrap around its neck and the fur on its chest slowly became wet with tears. Ninetales nuzzled him and gently licked his tear stained cheek, prompting the young boy to laugh softly. They smiled at each other.

You aren't alone, Tony. Ever. I'll be with you every step of your way.

(Inspired by this picture by Feriowind on Tumblr. -really loves this AU-)

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Seven)

Prompt: Formal

"Have I ever told you how much I hate you?"

"You know you don't mean that."

"I do. I hate you more than anything."

"You look good in that suit."

"You're not paying attention to me, are you."

"You should dress like this more often. I'm sure you'll look great wearing this while working in your workshop."

"Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve." Tony's voice rang out. "Steeeeeve, this isn't funny! This suit is choking me."

"You don't have problems wearing all of your other suits," the blond countered, crossing his arms with an amused look on his face.

The genius frowned. "Yeah, well, that's because I choose to wear them. I'm not forced. Like how I am now."

A soft chuckle escaped the super soldier's lips. "Fury isn't forcing you--"

"Did you see what happened there?" He hissed, stuffing his hands in his pockets, "he was all: 'Stark, if you don't go to this formal party in proper SHIELD clothing I swear I'll send your ass back into space!' Like, I don't think I ever seen him with such a big stick up his ass..."


"Really, Steve, I have nothing against the guy - well, maybe a few things - but still..."


"One day, I think I'll conduct an experiment... I'll one day find that stick that's so lodged up his --"


"What? Oh, yeah, you're right." Tony grinned. "It wouldn't be a stick, huh? It's more like a freaking sewer pipe --"

"Tony. Stop. I don't want that image in my head," Steve groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and fore finger. "Anyway, he just said formal SHIELD wear. He didn't force the suit on you."

The shorter man gaped at the other. "You're serious? It was either this or the dre--" He cut himself off when he saw the huge grin the blond gave him. "You, sir, are a kinky bastard."

"I learn from the best."

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Six)

Prompt: Flame

Sasuke grinned to himself, ignoring the slight ache to the corners of his lips. Finally, he had done it! The Fireball jutsu! It wasn't a terribly big flame, but it was a flame, regardless. He allowed a soft squeak of happiness escape his lips as he jumped for joy. Surely, his father and his mother would be proud of him!

Itachi-niisan, too!

The young raven smiled and quickly ran towards his home, trying to ignore the fact that the buildings that were usually filled with Uchiha clan members was quiet and empty. He ignored the small nagging feeling that something wasn't right. He ignored the voice that was telling him to run! Get away!

Instead, he continued his way home, ignoring the way that he felt his own fire of hope diminished.

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Five)

Prompt: Haze

Yamato frowned as the surrounding area was embraced by darkness. He knew this. He first encountered this in the Digital World, and Gabumon was the one to snap him from his trance. Looking around him, he felt his heart drop. No one was here to save him this time.

"I'm not listening to you." He stubbornly trudged on, already late for meeting up with Takeru. "You have no place here. I'm not alone."

And yet, the haze followed him, shrouding his line of vision with darkness. The blond hissed and stuffed his hands into his jean pockets. "Leave me alone."

It was as if there was no one else around him, even just regular passerbys.

Still, he walked, eager to meet his little brother for their little get together. He wasn't alone. He should never feel that way.

So, why was the darkness still following him?

30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Four)

Prompt: Snowflake

"How do you even survive up here? Holy fuck, Matt, it's freezing!" Alfred clutched himself, attempting to warm himself and stop his teeth from chattering.

His brother just smiled, and held out his thermos filled with hot chocolate, which the other gratefully accepted. "I don't know what to tell you, Alfred. I guess I just got used to it."

A snort. "Man, I thought it'd be cool to watch the first snowfall with you. Not only is it fucking cold, but man, you're boring as hell, too."

"You're welcomed to leave," Matthew sighed, hugging his knees close to his chest, "you must be busy, anyway. You don't have to spend your time with me. Hang out with Kiku or Arthur... Or maybe even Steve. I heard Mathias is free..."

"Hey, hey," the American frowned, scooting closer to his younger brother, "you know that I'm kidding, right? I actually love spending my time with you... You know that."

Canada didn't, but he nodded his head regardless. His violet eyes scanned the area, and then he settled them on his brother. His loud, obnoxious brother. Alfred had always made time for him... At least once a month, or maybe once every two months. But, every time that they were together, the older twin never seemed to be having as much fun as he did when he was hanging out with some of the more carefree nations... Like Australia or Denmark.

Really, he just felt like Alfred was obligated to visit him, rather than he wanted to come visit.

A soft hum escaped his throat when he saw the first snowflake fall. He smiled at its graceful dance downward towards the ground. It was really a great thing, watching the first snowfall. The snowflakes, no matter what, always put on a fantastic show, and he loved silently congratulating them once they hit the ground. "Alfred, did you see that?"

"Hm? See what, Mattie?" The blue eyed blond grinned, looking up from his phone, "Sorry, bro, Artie's callin' me over. I gotta go."

And Matthew was used to that statement. Because, like that snowflake, no one ever pays any attention to his accomplishments or opinions. He always though, no, he believed that his older brother, his twin, his hero, would notice... But...

... With a soft smile and a breaking heart, Matthew let him go. He showed him out, and willed himself not to whimper as he watched Alfred's car drive away.