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30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Five)

Prompt: Haze

Yamato frowned as the surrounding area was embraced by darkness. He knew this. He first encountered this in the Digital World, and Gabumon was the one to snap him from his trance. Looking around him, he felt his heart drop. No one was here to save him this time.

"I'm not listening to you." He stubbornly trudged on, already late for meeting up with Takeru. "You have no place here. I'm not alone."

And yet, the haze followed him, shrouding his line of vision with darkness. The blond hissed and stuffed his hands into his jean pockets. "Leave me alone."

It was as if there was no one else around him, even just regular passerbys.

Still, he walked, eager to meet his little brother for their little get together. He wasn't alone. He should never feel that way.

So, why was the darkness still following him?