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30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Eight)

Prompt: Companion

A little boy's sobs could be heard for any one who cared. It was midnight, and really, no one should be awake.

Which is precisely why Ninetales was so upset.

Here was the young master Tony, weeping and longing for the attention that he never got from his father. Ninetales never really got attention from Howard, either, but Tony was still a boy, and a boy needed his father.

The fox Pokemon frowned as it trotted down the dark hallway, following the broken noises from the young master, and slowly opening the door to his bedroom. It poked its face in through the small crack it made, quietly asking Tony for permission to come in.

"N-Ninetales...?" The boy quickly wiped his face with the back of his hand as he approached the Pokemon. "Ninetales... Wh-what're you doing here so late...?"

Said Pokemon heaved a sigh and rested its head atop the human's, cooing softly as it felt small arms wrap around its neck and the fur on its chest slowly became wet with tears. Ninetales nuzzled him and gently licked his tear stained cheek, prompting the young boy to laugh softly. They smiled at each other.

You aren't alone, Tony. Ever. I'll be with you every step of your way.

(Inspired by this picture by Feriowind on Tumblr. -really loves this AU-)