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30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Ten)

Prompt: Silver

Sometimes, when Gary isn't busy, he likes to think back to the days when he was a trainer. He likes to remember the thrill of catching yet another Pokemon and training it to the best to his abilities. The feeling of accomplishment, the friends he had... Sometimes, he wonders why he just didn't pursue that dream instead of becoming a professor, like his grandpa.

Being a professor was stupidly hard. Yes, he got to work with Pokemon of different kinds everyday, but it just wasn't the same. He was struggling everyday to meet his deadlines for reports so that he could send them off to all of the other professors... Elm, Rowan, Ivy... They were all counting on his research, just like how he depended on theirs.

It was a system, really. They'd all wait for the other to progress a little bit before they, too, could step forward and do more research.

But, it was times like these, when he's nursing to health a baby Lugia who had lost its way, that he knows that he made the right decision. He smiles.