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30 Day Writing Challenge (Day Eleven)

Prompt: Prepared

"And this," Duo made an extravagant gesture with his hands, showing the deserted, polluted island off, "is why I prefer space."

Quatre giggled, watching with mild amusement as the brunet raged around the shore, kicking the water and yelling and practically pulling out his hair with frustration. "-- I mean, we've survived getting shot at, we've survived an exploding spacecraft... You'd think that we'd never have to face stupid shit like this!"

The blond simply smiled, pulling his goggles down from atop his head to around his neck. "Well, you know what they say... The more you learn, the easier it is to forget the basics."

The Deathscythe pilot gaped. "Who the fuck says that?!"

"I do," Quatre laughed, patting down the space beside him, "now, come, Duo. I've contacted Trowa and Wu Fei. They should be here soon to give us some fuel." He blinked. "Or energy. Whatever our Gundams run on." He laughed loudly. "I think the heat's getting to me."

"How can you be so chill?" Duo huffed, but sat down beside his friend, anyway. "I mean, we're gonna miss that party thing! Think about the free food!" With that, his stomach growled.

Quatre laughed. "Lucky for you, Duo," he said, taking out two candy bars, "I'm usually very prepared."