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30 Days of Character Development - Day One

1.) Describe your character's relationship with their mother or their father, or both. Was it good? Bad? Were they spoiled rotten, ignored? Do they still get along now, or no?

The character I chose to further develop, or at least get a better understanding of, is my half Scottish, half American character, Markus 'Eden' McIlroy.

So, Mark's parents were good friends, who, one day, got intoxicated and, well, procreated. Since his mom was just hanging out in Europe for a quick vacation, she soon had to go back home to America to continue her schooling.

Of course, one day, she found out she was pregnant, but she couldn't bring herself to even think about having it aborted. So, she went through the notions of pregnancy, with her twin brother and his spouse there for support.

And, thus, Mark was born. Ta da.

Anyway, onto the prompt. As stated, Markus' mom had gone back to America after that whole incident. During this time, she didn't want to burden his father with the knowledge that she was with child, especially since they live in different countries, so she didn't tell him about Markus as he was growing up.

As such, Markus did not really have a relationship with his father until he found him when he was 20. Although, when he was a kid, he always asked about his father, wondering where he was and if he loved them. Of course, his mother just kept her answers vague, saying that he was a good man, so on and so forth. Because he was always so curious about his father, he set out to look for him once his mother caved in and said that he lived in Scotland. His father actually took the fact that he had a child quite well. He was surprised, of course, and he felt bad for all of the things that he had missed in his son's life, but now, they are trying hard to build up a strong relationship, and as such, Mark visits his father every chance he gets.

If it wasn't obvious, Mark was a mama's boy. She loved him unconditionally, and she tried very hard to spoil him as much as she could with what little money they had. They still have a really good relationship, and they always go out to eat at new restaurants. His cousins often teased him about hanging around his mom so much, but he never cared. He was happy to be with his mother whenever he could. Right now, like how any other child would, he's trying to get his mother and father back together so that they could have their own family.

As previously stated, his mom's twin brother had supported his mother as much as he could during the pregnancy. As such, he also acted as a father figure to Markus. He was Mark's disciplinarian, and often scolded him and his mother when he was being too out of control. He didn't want Markus to feel like he had no father, so, he had pretty much adopted him into his own family, even referring to his own children as Markus' younger siblings. In truth, he did not, and still doesn't, like Mark's biological father all that much, but that was just him being a protective older brother to his sister (by like, 12 seconds).